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IFAS in the News

Good morning. Here is IFAS in the News for Thursday, Dec. 22.


University of Florida Fort Pierce Campus Registration Open

Additive Claims to Be the Boss of Sugar, Benefiting Diabetics

Linda DeMarsh, Sharon Hawkins Win Rain Barrel Decorating Contest

IDS Students Learn Practical Ways to Apply Science

Take Some Time Off From Lawn Care

New Restrictions for Anglers, Boaters Set

Invasive Exotic Plants Pose Threat to Native Species (Okaloosa/Walton counties)

Co-op Sponsors Youth Cattle Show (Hardee County)

Agriculture Conference Coming (Lake County)

January Family & Consumer Sciences Programs (Alachua County)

Of Interest...

Baghdad Bomb Attacks Kill at Least 60

Mythmaking Begins for North Korea's Next Leader

Tight Consumer Spending Pinches Third-Quarter GDP,0,305513.story

Paint-on Solar Cells Could Power Homes

Great American Bites: Savory Stone Crabs at Joe's in Miami Beach

Tim Tebow Was My Lab Partner,,20555024,00.html

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Stewardship / Small Farms Update 12/21/11

Can’t read info below? See

Stewardship / Small Farms Update
December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from Florida’s Stewardship and Small Farm Partners!

Enjoy the Holidays, travel safely and we hope to see you at some events in 2012.  The New Year will mark the official start of the Florida Land Steward Partnership.  See first news piece below calendar for details.

Recorded presentations and materials from the December 14 Forest Stewardship Polycom Workshop, Plan for the Future of Your Land, are online:

Please share this update with your agents, foresters, biologists, clients, constituents and neighbors.

To be added or removed from this service, simply email a request to

The current and back issues of the Florida Forest Steward Newsletter online:


January 8, 2012

Red Hills Small Farm Alliance - Growing Here Workshop: Timing the Seasons, Turkey Hill Farm, Leon County. Site Selection, Choosing Seed Varieties. Presenters will include Stewardship Landowner Miss Louise Divine from Turkey Hill Farm, Miss Katie from Full Earth Farm, and Miss Lilly from Native Nurseries. Cost is $30 or $80 for all 3 workshops in series. Discount for Alliance members.  Three ways to register: Download Registration Form here and mail a check. Register with an Alliance Member at any market or through the online market. Email for details, although this pretty much has all details.

January 11

Forest Stewardship Workshop: Invasive Exotic Plant ID and Control, 9 am - 3 pm CT, UF-IFAS Okaloosa County Extension Office, 5479 Old Bethel Road, Crestview, FL 32536-5512 . Registration fee of $10 covers lunch and materials. Pesticide applicator Continuing Education Units approved, SAF CFEs pending. Details and registration online:

January 19

How to Monitor Plant and Animal Phenology, 9 am - 12 pm, UF-IFAS Levy County Extension Office, 625 N. Hathaway Ave (Alt. 27), Bronson, FL 32621. The term phenology refers to recurring plant and animal life stages, such as flowering or seeding, bird migration or insect emergence.  Monitoring phenology can help us understand how plant and animals are responding to climate change and variability. The USA National Phenology Network ( is asking people of all ages and backgrounds to observe and record phenology via Nature’s Notebook.  The data collected by Natures’s Notebook is entered in to a national database accessible to all and will help us understand how we can adapt to changing climates and environments. Free Training. To Register Call (352) 486-5131 or email

January 21

Forest Stewardship Tour, Pine Ridge Sanctuary, Property of Barbara and Terry Glancy, Miami-Dade County, 9 am - 1 pm. $10 fee covers lunch and materials. Date moved from 1/19 to 1/21/12 . Having earned much recognition for their hard work and exemplary conservation ethic, the Glancy family is looking forward to hosting a Forest Stewardship Tour at their Pine Ridge Sanctuary in Miami-Dade County.  The Forest Stewardship Landowners of 1997 and 2011 Florida Land Stewards of the year, they are exemplary stewards of one of Florida’s most endangered ecosystems, the Pine Rockland. For more about the property and their orchid nursery, see Details and Registration online:

January 27-28

Agritunity 2012, West Central Florida Agricultural Educational Center, 7620 SR 471, Bushnell, Florida. AGRItunity 2012 is the 6th edition of a regional farm conference and trade show featuring the most current useful information available for farmers and ranchers - large and small. See link on event title for details and registration.

January 31 - February 2

Natural Areas Training Academy: Conservation Site Assessment and Planning, Ordway-Swisher Biological Station, Melrose, Florida. Fee of $380 includes registration, workshop materials, and lunch each day. Lodging: Cabins are available at the Gold Head Branch State Park for $40 per night.  Reservations can be made through the registration website: For more information, please visit our website at: or contact the workshop coordinator: Sarah Friedl,, (850) 875-7153.

February 12

Red Hills Small Farm Alliance - Growing Here Workshop: Natural Pest Management, Miccosukee Root Cellar, Leon County. With Trap Crops, Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Fewer Pests. Presenters include Neil Miller, entomologist with USDA, and Dr Stuart Reitz entomologist and editor for the Journal of Economic Entomology. Cost is $30 or $80 for all 3 workshops in series. Discount for Alliance members. Three ways to register: Download Registration Form here and mail a check. Register with an Alliance Member at any market or through the online market. Email for details, although this pretty much has all details.


2012 Southeast Deer Study Group (SEDSG) Meeting, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Sandestin, FL .  This will be the 35th annual meeting of deer biologists, managers, researchers and enthusiasts. See link on event title for details and registration. 

February 28-29

Prescribed Fire Techniques for Wildlife: a Training for Private Landowners, UF-IFAS Leon County Extension Office, 615 Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Registration $45, deadline for registration February 20, 2012. Training Participants Qualify for Certified Prescribed Burn Manager CEUs. To view training schedule or to register go to For more information contact Emma Willcox at (352) 486-5131 or

March 11

Red Hills Small Farm Alliance - Growing Here Workshop: Fertility Management, Full Earth Farm, Leon County. Manage fertilty with Compost and Cover Cropping. Presenters will include the Man in Overalls, Nathan Ballantine along with Farmers Aaron Suko and Stewardship Landowner Herman Holley. Cost is $30 or $80 for all 3 workshops in series. Discount for Alliance members. Three ways to register: Download Registration Form here and mail a check. Register with an Alliance Member at any market or through the online market. Email for details, although this pretty much has all details.

March 24

Florida Wildflower & Garden Festival, DeLand, FL. For more information, contact David Griffis at 386-822-5778 or


More events at these calendars:

Florida Master Naturalist Program
UF-IFAS Web Calendar

Florida Forest Service Forestry Calendar

Check with your UF-IFAS County Extension Office for more events going on in your county:

News & Info Brief

Private lands in Florida provide a wide variety of services that benefit landowners and society, including recreational opportunities, economic activity, clean air, groundwater recharge, fish and wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, water filtration, and improved quality of life. The owners, or stewards, of these lands have diverse goals and objectives for their properties, which frequently include some combination of agriculture, forestry and wildlife habitat management and conservation. 


The Florida Forest Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and University of Florida Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and School of Forest Resources and Conservation, along with a many of other agencies and organizations, have been supporting the management and conservation efforts of private landowners for many years. These agencies and organizations provide support to landowners in the way of technical and financial assistance, developing resource management and conservation plans, and disseminating information through newsletters, websites, workshops, field days, and other means. 


In order to more successfully deliver consistent and effective information and better cater to the diversity of land ownerships and management objectives across the state, these natural resource agencies and organizations are working together on a new initiative, the Florida Land Steward Partnership. Partner agencies and organizations are collaborating more closely to develop and provide information and technical assistance that helps enhance the natural resource management capabilities of landowners. This includes the production and statewide distribution of a quarterly newsletter, a yearly calendar, and other printed materials. The next issue of the Florida Forest Steward newsletter will be the inaugural issue of the Florida Land Steward. It will have a new look but will continue to provide the information and resources you have come to expect such as the regular timber price update, events calendar and feature articles on the most current and relevant issues pertaining to private lands and conservation.  Program partners are also working closely together to coordinate workshops, tours, field days, and other trainings.  In addition, a Florida Land Steward website has been developed and is now online.  This site serves as a centralized source of information on land and natural resource management.  Learn more about the Florida Land Steward partnership and our collective resources for landowners and resource professionals at



A University of Florida-led research team has won a three-year, $6.3 million grant to develop genetically improved loblolly pine trees that yield greater amounts of terpene biofuels for transportation fuels.  The grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency – Energy, or ARPA-E. It’s part of a $156 million funding package dedicated to 60 innovative clean-energy projects. The researchers hope to bring about a five-fold increase in the amount of terpene produced by loblolly, making it cost-competitive with petroleum-based fuels.


Jack Payne, UF senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources, said the grant award demonstrates the university’s leadership in biofuel research. “Loblolly pine is economically important throughout the Southeast because it’s widely used for lumber and wood pulp,” Payne said. “By developing loblolly’s potential as a sustainable biofuel source, we can add a new dimension to its value. That has long-term benefits to the entire region and will provide greater economic security for our residents.”  Loblolly pine is planted on more than 25 million acres in 10 southeastern states. The forest products industry provides 5.5 percent of all jobs in the region, according to UF figures.


The research team is led by Gary Peter, a professor of forest genomics with UF’s School of Forest Resources and Conservation. The team includes John Davis, a UF forest resources professor, and personnel from the University of California – Berkeley, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and ArborGen LLC, a leading commercial supplier of genetically improved loblolly seedlings.



The USDA Forest Service Forests to Faucets project uses GIS to model and map the continental United States land areas most important to surface drinking water, the role forests play in protecting these areas, and the extent to which these forests are threatened by development, insects and disease, and wildland fire.  This assessment provides information that can identify areas of interest for protecting surface drinking water quality. The spatial dataset can be incorporated into broad-scale planning, such as the State Forest Action Plans, and can help identify areas for further local analysis. In addition it can be incorporated into existing decision support tools that currently lack spatial data on important areas for surface drinking water.


This project also sets the groundwork for identifying watersheds where a payment for watershed services (PWS) project may be an option for financing conservation and management on forest lands. On a macro scale, the Forests to Faucets data identifies areas that supply surface drinking water, have consumer demand for this water, and are facing significant development threats—all important criteria for successful PWS initiatives. In perhaps its most important role, this work can serve as an education tool to illustrate the link between forests and the provision of surface drinking water—a key watershed-based ecosystem service.  For more see:


The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and USDA National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are teaming up to help landowners who currently have longleaf pine on their property and need help with management and/or landowners who are interested in restoring longleaf pine to their property.  Through this partnership, NWTF certified biologists will develop a conservation plan for landowners in North and Central Florida. Once a conservation plan has been finalized, the NWTF will then work with NRCS to determine what type of financial assistance they can qualify for through NRCS’s Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP), one of the incentive programs offered via the Farm Bill to private landowners. Interested landowners are encouraged to contact the Florida NWTF regional biologist, Derek Alkire, cell: (352) 262-2373.


The fox squirrel, named for its fox-like tail, is a charismatic mammal approximately twice the size of the common gray squirrel. The coloration of the fox squirrel is highly variable, ranging from a creamy tan to all black. In Florida, the fox squirrel can be found in almost every county, but the distribution is patchy and not well understood. To better understand fox squirrel distribution, A new research project, conducted by the University of Florida Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, is asking members of the public across the state to report their fox squirrel sightings at the following website:  

Thanks for your help! Questions? Please Contact Courtney Hooker


Tax rules for timber vary depending on whether your woodland is personal use, investment, or business property. You must make this determination each tax year. See this link for more:



See this link for recorded presentations and materials from past Forest Stewardship Program events:


Thanks to our Program Cooperators:









Thanks Sponsors!

If you wish to renew your sponsorship or become a sponsor of this year’s Forest Stewardship Program events (2011-12),
contact Chris at (352) 846-2375,




Chris Demers, CF

Forest Stewardship Coordinator

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Have land?  Get a plan and stay connected.





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IFAS in the news, 12/21

Good morning! -- Today's IFAS news:

FFVA convention- Looking ahead: Some positives amid downsides

Auction benefits Florida ag

Mouth swab detects zinc deficiency

Ernst: A great garden idea, but someone had to ruin it (Sarasota)

Florida ACE Prep Course Set for Feb. 16-17

Dark chocolate has health benefits - and calories (Washington/Holmes)|newswell|text|frontpage|p

County volunteer puts her green thumb to good use (Pinellas)

Food/higher ed:

Study: When a football team wins, male grades drop

Taste for Salt Is Shaped Early in Life

UF, Moffitt researchers find blood cancer may be more common than realized

Entomology and Nematology newsletter - December 2011

The December 2011 issue of the UF/IFAS entomology and nematology newsletter is now available at

This month's news includes:

Faculty and student news
Meetings and presentations
Training opportunities
Outreach report
World's largest bug?
World's most expensive book on insects
and more...


Thomas R. Fasulo
extension entomologist
University of Florida

for a listing of WWW sites on arthropods and other topics.

"I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did.
I said I didn't know." - Mark Twain

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IFAS in the news, 12/20

Good morning! Here is today's IFAS news:

Pescanova USA, in Conjunction with the University of Florida, Announces the Launch of an Innovative Domestic Seafood Heritage Program

Oxbow presenting a rain barrel workshop on Jan. 7 (St. Lucie)

Florida Botanical Gardens brings holiday glow to Pinellas

Other news of note:

Fire may cause heavy fog and smoke (Alachua)

Putting Farmland On A Fertilizer Diet

Deadly snowstorm halts travel across Great Plains

New breakthrough shows promise for affordable plastic solar energy cells

Winn-Dixie Stores sold to Bi-Lo for $560M

Fla. Gov. gets lesson in higher education politics

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Harvest, December 7, 2011

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NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project

Weekly Harvest Newsletter
Sustainable Agriculture News Briefs - December 7, 2011

Weekly sustainable agriculture news and resources gleaned from the Internet by NCAT staff for the NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project website. The Weekly Harvest Newsletter is also available online.

Pest Management in Organic Production Systems Webinar
Rex Dufour, Agriculture Program Specialist from the National Center for Appropriate Technology, will present an hour-long webinar December 13, as part of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service East and West National Technology Support Centers series on Understanding Organic Agriculture. The free webinar begins at 3 pm EST.

News & Resources

  • FAO Calls for Energy-Smart Agriculture
  • New Members Appointed to National Organic Standards Board
  • USDA Announces 2012 Ranking Dates for EQIP Initiatives
  • New Publication Helps Farmers Evaluate Payback and Energy Savings
  • Food Safety Guidelines Developed for Farm Direct Marketing
  • California Farm Academy Accepting Applications

Funding Opportunities

  • NCR-SARE Graduate Student Grants
  • Growing Green Awards
  • New York Energy Management and Bioenergy Grants

Coming Events

  • Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms
  • Heart of America Grazing Conference
  • Northeast Organic Research Symposium

News & Resources

FAO Calls for Energy-Smart Agriculture
Energy-Smart Food for People and Climate, a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, says the global food system needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to succeed in feeding a growing world population. Steps that can be taken at the farm level include the use of more fuel efficient engines, the use of compost and precision fertilizers, irrigation monitoring and targeted water delivery, adoption of no-till farming practices, and the use of less-input-dependent crop varieties and animal breeds.
Related ATTRA Resource: Farm Energy Alternatives

New Members Appointed to National Organic Standards Board
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has appointed five new members to the National Organic Standards Board. The new members include Carmela Beck (Producer), Andrea (Zea) Sonnabend (Scientist), Tracy Favre (Environmentalist), Harold V. Austin, IV (Handler), and Jean Richardson, Ph.D. (Consumer / Public Interest).

USDA Announces 2012 Ranking Dates for EQIP Initiatives
USDA has announced multiple 2012 ranking dates for conservation initiatives that offer technical and financial assistance through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. There will be three ranking periods for the Organic, On-Farm Energy, and Seasonal High Tunnel initiatives, ending on February 3, March 30, and June 1, 2012. Ranking periods for the Air Quality Initiative end February 3 and March 30, 2012.

New Publication Helps Farmers Evaluate Payback and Energy Savings
A new publication from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Estimating Payback for Energy Efficiency, gives examples for comparing the payback periods of energy-related purchases. Examples include a lighting project, replacing an electric motor, and upgrading a farm truck. Using simple payback calculations, these examples estimate the time it would take for energy savings to equal initial cost.
Related ATTRA Publication: Energy-Efficient Lighting for the Farm

Food Safety Guidelines Developed for Farm Direct Marketing
The Farmers Market Federation of New York and Cornell Cooperative Extension have developed guidelines for farmers and farmers market managers, to ensure that foods sold in direct-marketing outlets will be protected from potential contamination. The project team has developed a curriculum for farm service providers to use in training farmers and market managers in assessing the risks in their retail operations and adopting guidelines that will minimize those risks. The curriculum can be found at the Farmers Market Federation of New York website.

California Farm Academy Accepting Applications
The Center for Land-Based Learning announces that the California Farm Academy is accepting applications through December 9 for its inaugural session. California Farm Academy trains, mentors, and leases land to beginning farmers. Classes are set to begin in mid-February 2012 and run through early August.

>> More Breaking News

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Funding Opportunities

NCR-SARE Graduate Student Grants
North Central SARE has issued a call for proposals for its 2012 Graduate Student Grants. Graduate students enrolled at colleges or universities in the North Central Region can submit proposals for up to $10,000 to fund sustainable agriculture projects.
Proposals are due by January 26, 2012.

Growing Green Awards
The Natural Resources Defense Council Growing Green Awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated original leadership in the field of sustainable food. Cash prizes of $10,000, $2,500, and $2,500 will be awarded in the Food Producer, Food Justice Leader, and Young Food Leader categories, respectively.
Nominations will be accepted until December 9, 2011.

New York Energy Management and Bioenergy Grants
New York Farm Viability Institute is accepting proposals for Energy Management & Bioenergy projects that focus on practical, applied research and outreach education on energy issues from the farmer's perspective. Projects may include on-farm energy conservation, bioenergy feedstock production, balance and integration of energy systems and animal agriculture, integrated food and energy systems, and bioenergy systems optimization for New York state farmers and agriculture.
Proposals are due by January 15, 2012.

>> More Funding Opportunities

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Coming Events

Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms
January 18-21, 2012
Little Rock, Arkansas

This annual Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group conference includes pre-conference short courses, field trips, and mini courses. Fifty-six general sessions will provide organic and sustainable production and marketing information for commercial horticultural and livestock producers, enterprise management lessons, farm policy education, and community food systems development information.

Heart of America Grazing Conference
January 25-26, 2012
Mount Vernon, Illinois

The conference includes sessions on grazing horses, dairy, and grass-fed beef. Additional sessions cover aspects of pasture management and grazing practices.

Northeast Organic Research Symposium
January 19-20, 2012
Saratoga Springs, New York

Learn about up-to-the-minute organic agricultural research at NOFA-NY's inaugural Organic Farming Symposium. Engage in in-depth discussions with researchers and practitioners exploring the latest techniques for a successful organic farm. Share your own experiments and best practices with researchers and farmers.

>> More Events

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IFAS in the News

Good morning. Here is IFAS in the News for Friday, Dec. 9.


New Tomato Variety Sees Off Whitefly

University Center Launches National Study to Keep Food Healthy

Lauderdale Lakes Community Garden Club Grows Organic Food (Broward County)

Sustainable Landscape Design Workshop Offered (Hillsborough County)

Plant Society Hosts Holiday Event (Pinellas County)

Of Interest...

Florida Regulators Approve Water Pollution Rule

Tensions Rise at EU Summit

Motive Still Unknown in Va. Tech Officer Shooting

Charlie Weis Leaving Florida to Become Coach at Kansas

For TV Networks, it's Tebow Time,0,2200561.story

Tom Nordlie
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