Thursday, September 6, 2012

Soil Testing Survey

I am a Master's Student at the University of Florida and am trying to find farmers willing to take a survey about their perceptions of soil testing. Is there a listserv that you would be willing to send out my survey link on? Alternatively, would you be able to send me the contact information for 5-10 farmers that you think might be willing to take my survey? I can also provide paper copies of the survey to anybody that would prefer that format.

If you are willing to send out my survey link, here is a short blurb that you could include in your message:

My name is Corey Hanlon and I am a graduate student at the University of Florida. I'm trying to conduct some research on how farmers perceive soil testing, through the use of a 10-minute, anonymous online survey. The sample of respondents that I am searching for includes any farmers that produce horticultural goods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, nursery stock, sod, trees and more. If you are willing to help me reach my goal of 200 respondents, the survey can be accessed through the following link: Thank you for your help!

Corey Hanlon

SARE Project Research Assistant

Interdisciplinary Ecology Master's Student

University of Florida


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