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Project Summary for Field Engagement Specialists

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass the Project Summary on to them. For more information and to apply, refer them to our
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website: www.directcontact.com

Project 496 – Project Summary
January 2017 – September 2017

Objectives: To manage aspects of our Client's information collection
process on new technology crops product release, including response,
diagnosis, education, data collection, data entry and documentation,
to assure that all are addressed in a manner to represent client in
best light possible to both the grower and to other affected
parties, and to free the Client's sales personnel from these
activities so they are able to pursue other activities.

Position Requirements: The contractor will have or develop an
understanding / comprehension of a unique crop protection chemistry
utilized on a newly-released seed trait and being used in
agricultural production with crop / seed specific cultural
practices. An agronomy degree (weed science or advanced degree
recommended) and / or experience in hands-on agronomics is required.
The successful candidate will be self-directed, an effective
communicator with Client personnel, retailers and crop producers,
computer literate with access to an Internet ready computer, able to
negotiate conflict resolution when necessary and able to reserve as
much as 40 hours per week from January-to-September.

Training: Candidate will be required to attend an in-person training
meeting with Direct Contact, Inc. and Client. A date for online
training for all contractors on this project will be scheduled on a
date and at a location TBD. There will be no work allowed nor
compensation paid to any contractor that fails to participate in the
training session.

Specialist Duties: The contractor will respond to and inspect
product inquiries received by the Client company and various Client
personnel. The contractor will visit in-person with growers and
retailers, as well as other individuals who have inquiries related
to use of the Client's product to collect information. During
visits, the contractor will inspect the fields of crop producers to
document agronomic observations, verify application practices,
document the products used, and collect other information. The
contractor will visit agricultural chemical retailers to gather,
document, verify grower information and review product application
records. Contractor will interview individuals filing said
inquiries and collect relevant information for statistical use
reports. Additionally, the contractor will help educate product
users on proper product use and application.

Specialist Duties (cont.): The contractor will be provided an iPad
(and possibly a laptop computer) for the duration of the project.
The contractor will enter all information in a timely manner via the
Client's intranet system. In a database accessed via the Direct
Contact, Inc. ("DCI") Web site, the contractor will record a number
of key statistics regarding the contractor's activities which
include but not necessarily be limited to the number of hours worked
each day, the number of inquiries submitted and information specific
to the actual field visits. The contractor will visit and inspect
inquiries on an in-person basis, with response in a timely manner
after receiving notification. The contractor will also submit a
weekly expense report to DCI, with details of travel / site visits

Time Frame: The contractor will be available for assignment from
January 2017 through September 2017. The time commitment is
expected to be as much as 40 hours per week during the project
period. Occasional Saturday work may be required.

Other Requirements: The contractor must supply a high speed
Internet connection, mobile telephone that has hands-free capability
with voice mail, and a vehicle in good working condition. Access
to a fax and document scanner is recommended.

Territory: Daily travel within a 50-150 mile radius of the
contractor's home may be necessitated.

Compensation: Hourly rates for in-field activities will be based
upon individual contractor backgrounds and experience.

Expenses: All necessary expenses incurred in conducting the field
activities will be reimbursed. This includes use of personal
vehicle at the current IRS rate in effect at the time the mileage is
incurred, telephone / communications cost-share (up to $50 per
month), lodging and airfare (both of which require advance
approval). If an overnight stay is required, the current maximum
reimbursable amount per night for a hotel room is $100 and a total
maximum of $30 for dinner the night of the overnight stay and
breakfast the next morning.

Competency and Skill Requirements:

· Excellent Communication Skills
· Self-Directed
· Computer/iPad Literate
· Solid Agronomic Background

Confidentiality: This information is strictly confidential. Any
breach of confidentiality will be considered grounds for dismissal
from this project and may prohibit contractor from working on future
projects with DCI.

This document is for informational purposes only and does not
constitute an offer to work on this project. Any offer to contract
with DCI, if any is made, will be presented in the form of a
contract which will contain the final terms of the offer. DCI thus
reserves the right to make any changes to the compensation plan or
required activities prior to the signing of any agreement between
DCI and the contractor.

(See attached file: Project Summary.pdf)

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