Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Local Food Supply Chain Internships with NC Growing Together

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Applications are being accepted through February 5, 2017 for NC Growing Together Local Food Supply Chain


Apprenticeships.  Be part of the food system change happening in North Carolina and around the country!


Through an exciting 8-week

program, apprentices will have the opportunity to work with local food hubs, businesses and organizations and gain hands-on training related to local food systems and value chains work.


Questions?  Contact Eliot Lee: elee17@ncsu.edu

**Please circulate widely -- more information at 




North Carolina Growing Together is a five year USDA-funded project

. It aims to bring more locally-produced foods into mainstream markets, strengthening the economics of small to mid-size farm and fishing operations and their communities.




Eliot Lee

Center for Environmental Farming Systems

North Carolina State University

Campus Box 7609/NCSU

Raleigh, NC 27695

office: 919-513-3924

fax: 919-515-2505





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