Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IFAS in the News, 1/23

Good morning. Here is IFAS in the News for Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013.


Commissioner Adam Putnam Hosts Panel About 500 Years of Florida Agriculture

Researchers Prepare to Release UF914, a New Grapefruit That May Not Cause “Grapefruit Effect”

Citrus Research Foundation Lobbying for $9 From Legislature

AGRItunity in Hernando Geared to Small Farmers

Python Patrol Plans to Keep Invasive Snakes Out of Treasure Coast


Of Interest…

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Calls for Teacher Raises

Growers Want 30-Year No-Bid Access to Everglades Land

Alcohol Intake Disrupts Normal Sleep  

Deep Space Industries: The Company That Wants to Mine Space

NIH Group Calls for Retiring Most Research Chimps

New Test Could Be NFL’s Breakthrough in Battle Against Concussions


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