Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Maps on UFL/FWC Manage Site

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and University of Florida conducted an assessment of submersed plants on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes (Lakes Toho, Cypress, Hatchineha, and Kissimmee) during the second week of January, 2013. This was done to evaluate impacts and regrowth from previous hydrilla control efforts and to begin developing management strategies for winter / spring 2013. The submersed plant maps are posted with bathymetric maps for each of the four lakes of the Kissimmee Chain on the UF / FWC website.  Click on one of the four lakes listed, then click on the Submersed Plants thumbnail (click a second time to zoom in)at the following address:


Submersed vegetation maps of additional lakes will be posted as they become available.


The Plant Management in Florida Waters website has been designed to provide information on Florida waters, the role of aquatic vegetation in these systems, why some plants must be managed, and the many parameters that managers consider when developing management programs. Especially important is section four which provides details on the management options and strategies that are available to resource managers.






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