Tuesday, April 21, 2015

125th Anniversary of the 2nd Morrill Act

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125th Anniversary of the 2nd Morrill Act

In 2014, land grant universities across the nation celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Smith-Lever Act.  This year, 2015 is the year to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the 2nd Morrill Act, known as the 1890 Land grant Institutions.  Prior to 2014, there were eighteen 1890 institutions and today there are nineteen institutions.  They are located in 18 states and three regions being the South, Northeast and North Central.  Alabama has three 1890 institutions. 

To celebrate the occasion, many of these 1890 universities will be hosting a wellness walk of 1.89 miles on April 23, 2015.  Participants are asked to donate or get pledges of $18.90 towards a scholarship fund.  Other land grant institutions are encouraged to host the wellness walk and scholarship drive on this day or another appropriate day.

Other planned activities to commemorate the event include:  July 15, 2015, is the 1890 Day on the Hill in WA. D.C.  This will feature visiting on the hill followed by a reception at the Library of Congress; and July 16 there will be Convocation at the Library of Congress showing the 1890 video and other highlights.  These events will raise awareness, provide access and enhance opportunities for all.  For more information view the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKepBeWLdWM#t=38  or go to the website  or Twitter @1890landgrant.

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