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Information for Ranking Criteria for West Central

Here is the information for this year's FWC Uplands Program West Central Ranking Meeting and Application.





APPLICATIONS DUE: May 6th at 5:00 pm ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE IN SYSTEM!!!!!!No excuses or ways for even me to get around this deadline!!


RANKING MEETING: May 21st @ 9:30 am at Circle B Bar Reserve and Polk's Nature Discovery Center 4399 Winter Lake Road Lakeland, Fl 33803 is the RANKING MEETING, must have someone present your application to the group. Must follow the guidelines in the NEW HANDBOOK!


Funding for the "Uplands Program" is provided through the Invasive Plant Control Trust Fund as set forth in Section 369.252(4), Florida Statutes, which reads: "use funds in the Invasive Plant Control Trust Fund as authorized by the Legislature for carrying out activities under this section on public lands. A minimum of 20 percent of the amount credited to the Invasive Plant Control Trust Fund pursuant to Section 201.15(6), F.S., shall be used for the purpose of controlling nonnative, upland, invasive plant species on public lands."

The Uplands Program funds projects for the purpose of improving habitat conditions for Florida's plants and animals. Since 1997, the Uplands Program has expended $135 million to treat invasive plant species on 630 public land management areas by funding 2,165 projects comprising over 2.4 million1 acres. Cooperating agencies contributed $45 million in matching funds and in-kind services towards project funding.


                        The Uplands Subsection is currently seeking proposals for FY15/16. Applications for projects to control invasive plant species must be submitted to a Working Group by the date specified. Each Working Group has its own schedule, so applicants should consult the group's webpage or contact the designated group liaison.

                        All proposed project sites must be public conservation land.

                        Projects that are approved for funding will be paid for through a fixed price purchase order issued to an approved Contractor, or through a task assignment issued to a government agency under an existing state contract.


Interested applicants can find "FWC Weed Management Funding" program information on the Florida Invasive Species Partnership website: under "Quick Links." Information related to submitting a proposal is included in the Application Handbook located at as the first link.



Any questions, please let us know!!

Thank you and look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Tabitha Biehl

Environmental Lands Stewardship Coordinator

Polk County Parks & Natural Resources Division

4177 Ben Durrance Rd

Bartow, Fl 33830

Environmental Lands Program: 863-534-7377

Polk's Nature Discovery Center

At Circle B Bar Reserve

4399 Winter Lake Road

Lakeland, FL 33803

Polk's Nature Discovery Center: 863-668-4673

cell: 863-899-8157

fax: 863-668-4677







CALL TALLAHASSEE and have Rick or Hunter on the phone while you register.  J


This is a quick HOW TO GET STARTED:


*Get Rick or Hunter on the Phone (850-617-9430) then do the following:

Step 1- Get registered in the FWC Permit system

Step 2- FWC Tallahassee will assign your property to you

Step 3- Use the TIERS link to start application



More detailed explanation:


Step 1-  FWC uses multiple web based systems for various things like permitting, aquatics, gopher tortoise, etc…. so if you use an FWC system for something you may ALREADY have a username and password.  Call Tallahassee and have them look it up before you re-register.  If you are certain you haven't logged into anything for FWC.  Also if you are an FWC EMPLOYEE you do NOT need to register……you are already in the system.  I've attached a screenshot of the registration screen so you can see what will be asked of you.  You may want to print it and fill it out so you can keep a copy of your user information.  The passwords don't expire so you will use this same login information next year.  Please ONLY REGISTER ONCE.


Link for applicants to register in system (ignore fact that it says Permit System):


Step 2-   Do NOT attempt to log into the TIERS system until you get approval from Tallahassee to do so. Rick or Hunter will assign you to a property. You won't be able to do anything productive in the system until this step is complete.


Step 3-  Once you have permission from Tallahassee you will click the link below and log in.  We will walk you through this part on the phone to make sure the property you need to apply for is correctly in the system.


Link to FWC Upland Application/TIERS system:



Remember if you any problems contact me or Rick Clark (He really is the person to contact for any website online application issues)


 Also please see below and attached. The ranking information for the West Central ISWG – please use this set of criteria in the application, remember be concise in your answers.


FEMA Equipment Rates for In-house Budget Section please see the link below:


Volunteer Hour Rate: Please use $21.24 /hour


See this links for reference if you would like.


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