Friday, October 30, 2015

Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Educator position

The Extension Educator is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs that build local capacity for aquatic invasive species detection and response. These educational programs will provide training and tools to local governments, lake associations, AIS professionals, and citizens groups to prevent, detect, monitor, track, and control the establishment and spread of state-listed aquatic invasive species.

To accomplish this, the AIS Extension Educator will, in coordination with MAISRC staff and researchers, Extension colleagues, and DNR staff: 1) develop and lead a statewide citizen science program aimed at tracking AIS population changes to inform management and research, 2) contribute to a statewide citizen science program for early detection of AIS;  3) contribute to other research-based AIS programs developed in response to state needs , 4) foster partnerships with state and local governments, lake associations, AIS professionals and citizens organizations, 5) provide programming to these partners to implement on-the-ground AIS prevention, detection, monitoring and control efforts, 6) assist with development of an online data repository for collecting and reporting data generated through these prevention, detection, monitoring and control efforts  7) assist in securing funding to sustain AIS programming efforts. Training and other program delivery will include using a variety of communication strategies appropriate for the intended target audience, including but not limited to workshops, classes, webcasts, social media, publications, mass media and community coalitions.

The AIS Extension Educator will be affiliated with the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) and act as a critical interface between local community groups, university scientists, and state natural resource agency managers. The AIS Extension Educator will coordinate with other Extension Educators and Specialists involved in AIS programming and with MAISRC researchers to operate as a team. The AIS Extension Educator will also coordinate communications efforts with MAISRC communications staff. 

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Eleanor Burkett

Water Resources Educator

Minnesota AIS Detector Program
University of Minnesota Extension 
322 Laurel Street, Suite 21 
Brainerd, MN  56401-3500

(218)828-2326 (office), (218)232-4827 (cell)


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