Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Extension publications on pesticide emergencies and safety

Please see below for a link to an Extension publication that should be of interest to those using pesticides. 

Pesticide Emergencies: Fires and Spills

Although accidents and emergencies involving pesticides are rare, unfortunately they do occur. Pesticide fires or spills can result in water, soil, and air contamination; damage to plants; injury to livestock, wildlife, or pets; and can endanger the health of the applicator and other people. Those using pesticides must be prepared to respond to fires and spills as emergencies and act promptly and correctly. This six-page fact sheet explains how to reduce fire and spill hazards and what to do if a fire or spill should occur. Written by Frederick M. Fishel, and published by the Agronomy Department.


Other new or revised Extension publications on pesticide safety include First Aid for Pesticide Exposure, Pesticide Emergencies: Contingency Planning, Pesticide Labeling: Precautionary Statements, Pesticides: Routes of Exposure, and more.  Visit the UF/IFAS Extension publications website, Pesticide Information Office publications at: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/departments/pestoffice.html


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