Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Opportunity

Working with commercial fruit crop producers in east Central Florida over the past 41/2 years and before that 61/2 years in west central Florida has been extremely enjoyable.  Having the opportunity to meet, work with and attain answers to countless production issues with such a great group has been an experience beyond comparison.


Tomorrow, July 1, I am very excited to begin a new position as a Regional Specialized Extension Agent and Director of the Hastings Agriculture Extension Center (HAEC) in northeast Florida.  The emphasis of my Extension outreach will be focused on the commercial vegetable industry in the Tri-County Agricultural Area (TCAA), where the main crops are potato, cabbage and Asian vegetables, among others.  I will also work with Blueberries, some citrus and other fruit commodities produced in the region.  In addition to working with an outstanding group of Agents in delivering Extension outreach in the TCAA, I will be the Director of HAEC, a facility dedicated to supporting vital research projects and demonstrations conducted by numerous UF/IFAS Faculty.


Although I will not be working in central Florida, I look forward to hearing from you from time to time.  Also, if you are in the Hastings area, please drop by for a visit.




Gary K. England

Regional Specialized Extension Agent/Director

Hastings Ag Extension Center

595 E. St. Johns Avenue

P.O. Box 728

Hastings, FL 32145-0728

(904) 692-4944

Fax: (904) 692-4673



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