Monday, July 11, 2011

IFAS in the News

Sugarcane Crops Rebound With Recent Rains, But Is It Enough?,-but-is-it-enough%3F

Termite Power a Possible Breakthrough for Biofuels

Smart Irrigation Month Puts Nationwide Focus on Saving Money and Water

Treasure Coast Citrus Industry's Sweet-and-Sour Reality

4-H'ers Build Robots at Camp (St. Johns County)

Campers Master Skills at Weeklong 4-H Event (Volusia County)

Collier, Lee Landscapers and Nurseries Not Yet Worried About New Whitefly Pest

Bufo Toads Deadly If Pets (or People) Make Contact

Garden Q&A: Extension Office's Website Features Classes, Tips and More

Garden Help: Almond Verbena Adds Beauty, and Fragrance, to the Landscape

Gardening Q&A: Why Won't Lilacs Do Well in Our Region?

Ask the Plant Lady

Plant Clinic

Gardening Tips

Learn to Preserve Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Workshop (Escambia County)

Green Building Training Offered (Volusia County)

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Help (Hillsborough County)

Mango Mania Blooms at Fairchild Garden (Miami-Dade County)

Florida Pusley Is a Common, Native Weed

Of Interest...

Obama, GOP Back to Where They Started: The Debt Ceiling

Pakistan Defiant, Says It Is Capable of Operations Without U.S. Aid

Orange County Expected to Lead Florida Growth

Florida Consumers' Funk Hurts Economy

Three Universities Want to Start Dental Programs

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