Thursday, March 5, 2015

Poultry Newsletter

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Please excuse any cross-postings or duplication.


I would like to remind everyone of a resource available to Faculty and Clientele that are interested in Poultry: Feathered Facts.  This is a monthly newsletter that covers issues related to backyard poultry.  This month’s issue (attached) focuses on nutrition.  The newsletter is available via electronic format.  Anyone can sign up to receive the newsletter via email by visiting the following link:  Past issues of the newsletter can be found at:  Please pass this along to anyone you know that might be interested.


Also, if you have an article or program that you would like to submit for possible inclusion in the newsletter, please contact me via the information in my signature below.


Thank for your help in dissemination of this information. 




Michael A. Davis, Ph.D.

Director / Agriculture Agent

University of Florida | IFAS | Baker County Extension

1025 W. Macclenny Ave.

Macclenny, FL 32063

(904) 259-3520

(904) 259-9034 FAX




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