Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Job Opportunity


I wanted to forward the job opportunity below so that you might post it in your next email.  


In Community, 


Anna Prizzia

UF Campus Food Systems Coordinator 

FIELD MANAGER   This is a full-time position beginning December 2015. A year and a half minimum commitment. 2 weeks off in the summer, food share, sick days and holidays. Salary: $28k-30k/year.


Skills required:

o Experience in the growing of certified organic vegetables. Familiarity with the certification process, harvesting and packing, soils management, laying plastic, planting, spraying, and cultivating

o Experience following a crop plan, fertilization plan, cover-cropping, weed, pest and pathogen control etc.

o Ability to think mechanically, think critically, make good decisions, solve problems, and perform repairs and maintance.

o Experience operating and caring for farm equipment; tractors, forklifts, trucks, cultivators, planters, irrigation systems, etc.

o Possess basic computer skills, basic construction skills, valid drivers licence, ability to 

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