Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New online extension courses on disease and weed management for greenhouses and nurseries

As part of the UF floriculture extension program, we are offering new weed and disease online extension courses in 2016 offered by Drs. Shad Ali and Chris Marble, with Spanish language support from Dr. Rosanna Freyre.



Start date

End Date

Disease Management



Weed Management




All courses are in English and Spanish, and last 4 weeks. Each week there are two pre-recorded classes that can be accessed at any time of day using UF Canvas eLearning. There are two graded assignments that must be passed to successfully graduate. Growers register each employee individually, or email us at greenhousetraining@ifas.ufl.edu if they want to register 5 employees or more. The cost is $200 per employee. Each individual will receive a personalized certificate for each course when they complete the requirements. The courses do not count for credit towards a university degree.


We are applying for Florida pesticide CEU’s for the courses.


Please email us at greenhousetraining@ifas.ufl.edu with any questions or comments.


Thanks and best regards, Paul


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