Thursday, September 8, 2016

Zika and Beekeeping Informative Letter

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From:              DAVID WESTERVELT

Zika Informative Letter


The Southeastern United States is in a triple threat situation for mosquito proliferation and control.  Listed below are conditions making it favorable for the breeding and spread of viruses in mosquitoes:


1. It is the season. The weather is perfect to be a mosquito and people are outside to feed on.

2. Tropical storms and recent rains have increased breeding grounds.

3. Zika and other viruses want a ride to a human host.


Conditions are ideal from the mosquito's perspective. The weather is perfect. Human hosts are out everywhere. There are plenty of leaves to hide under to avoid aerial and truck spraying. There is standing water everywhere to breed in.


Florida's population and beekeepers are not as fortunate. Human lives and health takes precedence so there is a dedicated effort to control vectoring mosquitoes. Governor Rick Scott and Commissioner Adam Putnam must dedicate efforts to protect people. There are measures the beekeeper can take including notifying mosquito control of hive locations and following UF EDIS suggestions to mitigate exposure. All of these resources are in the following four links:


Florida Commissioner Adam H. Putnam Issues Mosquito Declaration


Florida Mosquito Control Districts


Mosquito Control and Beekeepers  EDIS ENY-149


Minimizing Honey Bee Exposure to Pesticides EDIS ENY-162


Please keep this in mind as we face the ever present challenges of beekeeping.


Thank you.


David A. Westervelt, CPM

Assistant Chief

Apiary Inspection Section                            

Bureau of Plant and Apiary inspection

Division of Plant Industry


(352) 395-4636

(352) 395-4624 Fax

(352) 267-2568 Cell


Doyle Conner Building

1911 South West 34th Street

Post Office Box 147100

Gainesville, Florida 32614-7100




Apiary Inspection Section

Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection

14101 NorthWest Highway 441 Suite 200

Alachua, Florida 32615




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