Monday, March 6, 2017

Heartland CISMA: annual workshop link live, Hyptis brevipes update, new job opportunities and a little tiny bit more

Hi all, just 7 items, including from the Heartland CISMA, Hyptis brevipes ID info and update, and job opportunities. Remember to like and follow us on Facebook (HeartlandCISMA), Twitter (@heartlandcisma), and now Instagram (Heartlandcisma) and pass on any info you want to share!


Hyptis brevipes sighting information sought- Edwin Bridges said he's been seeing Hyptis brevipes during his inventories in our region. Have you seen it? Email me at if you have.




1)      The next Heartland CISMA steering committee meeting is Wednesday, March 22nd, 10am-noon at Circle B Bar Reserve, and you are invited!-  Even if you haven't attended before, we'd love to see you. It will end at noon. We want your practical, creative, analytical minds there. This is where such great ideas as the upcoming April annual Central Florida Invasive Species Workshop are cooked up. All are welcome and there is no obligation when you attend. We hope to see you then!


2)      SAVE THE DATE: Central Florida Invasive Species Workshop will be Wed., April 19th at Circle B Bar Reserve  Sign-up is now live! If you or someone you know would like to present, see the attached Call for Presentations and fill out the application. The steering committee is working on another excellent and diverse group of speakers and breakout sessions for a full day, featuring as always the Garden of Evil for ultimate invasive plant ID practice. We're planning CEUs and looking for sponsors for lunch, and it will be a great opportunity to meet up with your colleagues. Sign-up will be via Eventbrite and we'll send out the link as soon as we've got it.



3)      Hyptis brevipes sighting information sought- Edwin Bridges has identified nonnative Hyptis brevipes during his inventories in our region and Ellen Allen of SFWMD has found it at Chandler Slough. Have you seen it? Attached is more about the sighting locations, ID, and links to background info, including this from the WSSA/APHIS account, "It could pose a threat to crops and natural vegetation in warm, humid regions of the United States." Email me at if you have.

4)      Cane toad locations sought- Steve Johnson has a student who needs to collect some Cane Toads for her research and is looking for reliable locations in the northern part of the toad's range. "I know there are records from Polk County and was hoping you or your colleagues/clients might know of some specific locations my student could visit and remove toads." Contact Steve Johnson with location information at 352.846.0557 or

5)      Cogongrass locations sought- Christina Alba, a postdoc researcher at UF studying the ecology of cogongrass invasions in Florida, is looking for "cogon populations far enough from roadsides that they are not repeatedly mowed or managed by roadside crews. Although we all know that cogongrass is widespread and problematic, there is – surprisingly – very little field data on the environmental factors that determine its distribution and abundance. Such data would be highly valuable for understanding where and why it is likely to be invasive, and how to best manage invasions in various habitats. To collect these types of data, people from our lab (headed by Dr. Luke Flory) will be surveying cogon populations across the state starting in May of this year." Contact Christina Alba with location information at or 386-481-7576​.


6)      A great new opportunity is available for a Land Conservation Steward with The Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy at Tiger Creek Preserve . This position will perform and participate in preserve operations, maintenance and land management, including prescribed fire and invasives work. Learn more and apply for the position.

7)      Florida Invasive Plant Field Biologist position full time, OPS position for 6 months with possibility of extension, based out of Tallahassee, FL. Learn more and apply for the position. Closing Date: March 15 2017

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