Thursday, March 16, 2017

Job Posting for Principal Scientist - South Florida Water Management District

South Florida Water Management District

West Palm Beach, FL


Principal Scientist

This position is responsible for coordinating the implementation of Everglades Restoration Strategies Science Plan. There are currently multiple studies that are underway and new studies are in the planning phase. These studies are focused on understanding the mechanisms and factors that influence or limit the Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs' ability to achieve the target regulatory limits for phosphorus. The incumbent will be working with other scientists and engineers from various groups within the District as well as contracted entities. The incumbent will prepare and/or review scientific reports and briefings, including a chapter in the annual South Florida Environmental Report, and present progress and findings to internal and external stakeholders. The required skills for this position include: 1) expertise in leading and conducting large-scale applied science research programs, 2) strong knowledge of biogeochemistry or nutrient cycling in aquatic environments, 3) strong skills in statistical analysis and data interpretation, 4) strong technical writing skills, as evidenced in peer-reviewed publications, 5) strong verbal communication skills, and 6) familiarity with ecological measurement methods. The incumbent must be an experienced team leader, able to work with minimal supervision, and has strong organizational skills. Includes occasional field work and experience in working in wetland environments is preferred. Ability to operate airboats is desired.

Education/Experience Guide for Principal Scientist: A minimum of a Master's Degree, (Ph. D. is preferred) in natural or physical sciences and 11+ years' experience that demonstrate measurable career progression within an ecological or wetland science discipline that can be applied to support the District's strategic goals and objectives. 

Valid State of Florida driver's license.

This position may also be filled as a Lead Scientist.  

Education/Experience Guide for Lead Scientist: Typically has Master's Degree in natural or physical sciences or related discipline and 8+ years' experience that demonstrates measurable career progression within an ecological or wetland science discipline to support the District's strategic goals and objectives.

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