Thursday, April 6, 2017

Be Counted in the 2017 Census of Agriculture

Be Counted in the 2017 Census of Agriculture

In just a few months, America¹s farmers and ranchers will have the
opportunity to make a positive impact on their operations and communities by
taking part in the Census of Agriculture. Conducted every five years by the
USDA¹s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the census captures
a complete count of all U.S. Farms and ranches and those who operate them.
You can find the results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture at

The Census of Agriculture provides a unique picture of U.S. agriculture
since it shows the contributions of farms of all sizes at the county, State,
and national level. It is also the main source for demographic data (age,
sex, race/ethnicity) of U.S. farmers.

NASS is in the final stage for preparing the 2017 Census of Agriculture
mailing list. If you are new to farming or didn¹t receive a 2012 Census of
Agriculture questionnaire there is still time to be counted by signing up at  Simply click on the ŒMake
Sure You Are Counted¹ button below and provide the requested information.

For those of you that work with immigrant or refugee farmers and ranchers
and language may be an obstacle, I encourage you to work with your Regional
or State Statistician. You can find contact information at, locate your State in the drop down box in the
U.S. map, then follow the Contact link on the left side of the page. For
those of you in the New England State, I plan to be contacting you in the
next couple of weeks or you can contact me at the

All individual information provided to NASS is confidential and only used
for statistical purposes. In accordance with the Confidential Information
Protection provisions of Title V, Subtitle A, Public Law 107-347 and other
applicable Federal laws, your responses will be kept confidential and will
not be disclosed in identifiable form to anyone other than employees or
agents. By law, every employee and agent has taken an oath and is subject to
a jail term, a fine, or both if he or she willfully discloses ANY
identifiable information about you or your operation.

Please contact if you have any questions.


Gary R. Keough, State Statistician
U.S. Department of Agriculture | National Agricultural Statistics Service
Field Operations | New England Field Office
53 Pleasant St. Room 3450
Concord, NH 03301
603-227-3129 | F:  603-225-1434 | M:  603-568-6535 |






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