Wednesday, February 1, 2012

IFAS in the news, 2/1

Good morning! Here is your mid-week IFAS news scan:

New studies show promise for biological control methods against insects

Local food happenings for the week of Feb. 1, 2012 (Volusia - 2nd item)

Once-a-month cooking makes weeknights easier (Washington/Holmes)|newswell|text|frontpage|s

Citizen scientists can help track climate change (Hillsborough)

Biggest, Fastest, Bloodiest: Earth's Most Extreme Insects

Imports make inroads, sapping U.S.-grown ethnic produce profits

Restocked reservoir back in business (Hillsborough)

Pest control class (St. Johns)

Parenting classes for divorce (Hillsborough)

Marine Science Consortium Adds Members (Sea Grant)

Local & higher ed news:

Are college students learning? (opinion),0,3266290.story?track=rss

Governor opposes tuition hikes, pitting himself against university leaders

Florida crash | Church pleads for help after tragedy

11th victim discovered in aftermath of I-75 crash

Oelrich key as Fla. Senate panel kills immigration tuition bill

Businesses, events affected by wrecks

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