Wednesday, February 15, 2012

IPC Internship Job announcement

Good morning,  I have attached a job announcement for our 2012 internship program.  If you know someone that loves to get dirty controlling invasive plants, work long hard days and  is willing to be on the road for 1-6 months at a time please forward the announcement to them.  (it’s a great opportunity to travel and work in some unique natural areas).  Would you please forward the attached job announcement to your respective listserves or persons of interest?  Thanks


Steven T. Manning


Invasive Plant Control, Inc.

PO Box 50556

Nashville, TN 37205

cell:  615-969-1309

office:  615-385-4319

fax:  615-385-4124


Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council (PNW-IPC)



Mid Atlantic Invasive Plant Council (MAIPC)

Vice President


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