Monday, February 13, 2012

New Resources

Check out some of these resources shared by the National Good Food Network listserv. Some of them may be of interest to you:




Map the Meal Gap
Check out Feeding America’s  interactive map to learn more about community level hunger across America and the food banks that serve them.  This map reflects 2009 data but will be  updated with recently released 2010 USDA and Census Bureau data in early 2012. 


New Federal Planting Map Reflects Warming
The U.S. Department of Agriculture updated their colorful Plant Hardiness Zone Map, a useful tool for gardeners and researchers, which shows a warmer 21st century.  Using better weather data and more interactive technology, the online map has 26 zones that are searchable by zip code.  Entire states, including Ohio, Nebraska and Texas, are now in warmer zones


The Essential Urban Farmer
This 500 page manual on urban farming by Novella Carpenter and Willow Rosenthal provides tips on how to create a thriving urban farm.  Topics in the book include “Raising City Vegetables and Fruits” and “Raising City Animals.”  The book illustrates that it makes economic sense to garden if you have more time than money and how low-income individuals can eat organic healthy food that is cost effective.


Find Sustainable Food Near You With New Online Directory
An online directory FarmPlate catalogs more than 30,000 businesses nationwide that subscribe to sustainable and eco-conscious practices, bringing together farmers, artisans, restaurants and markets into one community.  Enter your zip code and find sustainable food businesses near you.





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