Monday, July 9, 2012

FAPMS Scholarship for Aquatic Plant Mgmt Studies in FL

Junior, senior, post-bachelor or graduate students meeting the following requirements:

1.     enrolled in an accredited university or college located in Florida

2.     a U.S. citizen

3.     majoring in a field of study directly related to the management of freshwater, aquatic vegetation for the ecological benefit of aquatic or freshwater environments

are encouraged to apply for the William L. Maier Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Applications must be submitted by Aug 1, 2012.

FIELDS OF STUDY – To be eligible, the student must be majoring in one of the following fields of study with a demonstrated concentration or emphasis on the application of their major to the management of freshwater aquatic ecosystems as related to aquatic macrophytes.



Agricultural Engineering





Natural Resource Economics


Plant Pathology

Resource Conservation

Wildlife Ecology/Management



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