Monday, July 9, 2012

IFAS in the News

Hello, here is IFAS in the News for Monday, July 9.


Smithsonian Marks Creation of Land-Grant Colleges

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Florida Farmer Conference Will Teach About Running a Successful Small Operation,0,395323.story?track=rss

Garden Q & A: Fringed Bluestar Plants Conspicuous Only When Blooming

Garden Q & A: Ways to Control Aphids Without Resorting to Insecticides

Leaffooted Bugs Are Common on Tomatoes

Garden Help: Too Much Water Can Be a Problem for Your Yard

Get Growing: It's Family Gardening Month, With Free Workshops

July in the Garden

Gardening: The Return of the Mosquito

Food: Use Pasteurized Eggs for a Facial

Martin County Master Gardeners Present "Taste of the Tropics"

Keith Fuller: Learn How to Propagate Plants

Grass Doesn't Thrive in Shade

How to Grow Ylang-Ylang Tree From Seed

Of Interest...

Obama to Push Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Heat Blamed for at Least 46 Deaths; Relief on the Way

Parents Face Anxious Wait Over Cambodia's Mystery illness

Scientists Refute "New Life" Claim

Has "Organic" Been Oversized?

Farm Parody of "Sexy and I Know It" Goes Viral

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