Friday, July 12, 2013

Preventing Equipment Theft on the Ranch

The Polk County Sheriff’s Ag Unit has been working hard to prevent and recover theft on the ranch, grove and farm.  In a recent meeting with Sgt. Stephenson, he expressed the benefit to producers of putting identifying marks on their equipment to aid in the recovery of stolen items and conviction of thieves.  A particularly beneficial identification tool that has been effective in recovering many stolen items (such as batteries, pumps, etc.) is the “Trace Mark” microstamp.


“Almost invisible to the naked eye, the Trace Mark stamp, when used to identify valuables for security purposes passes unnoticed by thieves and is therefore not removed as so often happens with product serial numbers. In the event of a theft, however, the identifying mark left by the Trace Mark provides an indelible link to the recovery of your valuables.”


For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website at


A microstamp is not necessary.  Any identifier or mark, and there are others on the market, that you can make on your equipment and supplies that will differentiate it from the rest will help in the recovery of your items.


Please consider marking all of your property.  Also, the PCSO Ag Unit asks that you report any and all potential criminal acts against your property immediately.  This includes cuts in your fence, dumping, vandalism, etc. 




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