Friday, May 23, 2014

UF/IFAS in the news, 5/21

Good morning! It being Bug Week, we’ve got plenty of related news:

St. Lucie County is using cameras to see if coyotes are a threat to sea turtle nests

New Cost Effective Bed Bug Trap Developed by UF Research Labs


Step-by-step directions for homemade bedbug trap designed by UF researchers (Palm Beach/blog)


Better bedbug trap: Made from household items for about $1

A better bedbug trap: made from household items for about $1 (Okaloosa)


Survey Reveals Conflicting Opinions on Undocumented Immigrant Education


Rare butterflies fight for survival in South Florida


Florida ag connection to the Great Lime Shortage of 2014


Does Calf Age at Castration Matter?

Florida nurseries seek piece of pot pie


Other news:


Tufts Researchers and USDA Economist Find ‘Food Deserts’ Pretty Rare


New termite research could lead to pest control breakthrough


Tougher roam towing rules set for final vote


State denied access to records at VA hospital





















The world's fisheries are stagnating — but fish farming is at record highs


Trouble with a Pest? There’s an App for That



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