Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6/4 Osceola CISMA workshop, our 2014 workplan, FLEPPC CISMA workshop summary, APB and always more!

Hi all,


·         Osceola CISMA has an invasive species monitoring workshop coming up next week on 6/4, with CEUs available- see attached flyer for details, including how to sign up.

·         Heartland CISMA 2014 work plan. It’s attached, as put together by your intrepid steering committee, which welcomes you to join us in our planning (all in there as CISMA goals), and also look at what’s on tap for Control, Data, EDRR, and Outreach goals for the rest of the year and contact the lead (or me) if you’re interested in helping. Or, let us know what you’re doing that we can write in- share your successes!

·         CISMA Workshop at FLEPPC/FL TWS spring conference focused on prioritizing EDRR plant lists. We met with representatives from FNAI and many CISMAs to discuss how we created our lists and came up with a draft Guidance on how to make an Upland EDRR Plant List using the FNAI EDRR analysis (attached), among other things. Read it and send your feedback to me by June 13th. You see it first and it’s going out to the CISMA list to get others’ feedback too, but know that the way we created our list was a hit, so you’ll see a lot of our method (modified from Treasure Coast CISMA’s approach) there. Kudos to all that helped create our list and approach!

·         Heartland CISMA air potato beetle biocontrol project idea for this summer: I’m sharing the names of the six sites that expressed interest with Eric Rohrig of FFS, and we’ll get more info about the timing of release. It’s not too late, so if you’re interested, let me know.

·         The West Central Upland Working Group RANKING MEETING for FWC Invasive Plant Management funding had 1 small project and 16 large projects submitted. Thanks to Tabitha Biehl for running a tight ship and keeping us all on task to rank those projects in a timely fashion. There were a lot of great projects. She reminds you all that the herbicide bank is available and the EDRR strike team is available year round.

·         Heartland CISMA on Facebook (Heartland CISMA) and Twitter (@HeartlandCISMA): finally, a reminder that Brendan Myers has been sharing interesting CISMA content on FB and Twitter and he welcomes your stories and, especially pictures, at brendan.t.myers@gmail.com. Get the word out about your work! And if you haven’t already, check it out.


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