Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Earn CEUs at the 2014 ASHS Annual Conference

ASHS Members:


We are excited to announce that Certified Crop Advisors can earn approved CEUs at the 2014 ASHS Annual Conference! There are over 20 workshops and colloquium approved and more than 50 CEU credits available at this years' conference. In order to report the CEUs, the American Society of Agronomy has provided a downloadable app that is available on the ASHS website along with a list of approved sessions. There will also be sign up sheets located in every approved session. To view the approved list of workshops and colloquium, go to: https://ashs.site-ym.com/?page=ApprovedCEUs


If you are an ASHS Certified Professional Horticulturist or ASHS Certified Horticulturist, you will automatically earn 30 CEUs from attending the ASHS Annual Conference this year! After the conference, we will approve the CEUs for those CPHs and CHs who registered for the full four-day conference.  


**Use your ASHS Member Profile to keep track of CEUs! If you would like to keep a record of any and all CEUs, you can record them in your Member Profile once you are signed into your account. Follow these steps to record CEUs:


  • Sign in to your ASHS account - www.ashs.org
  • Your Manage Profile screen will be present
  • Under Content & Features - click on the Professional Development icon
  • Click on "Add Entry" and enter CEU


You can save, print, and email the entries. This is useful for all certifications that you may have. The system can operate as a record management system for all CEUs that you earn, not just your ASHS Certifications but all all others as well.



If you need assistance with recording CEUs or have any questions about certification, please contact Cindy Slone at cslone@ashs.org.


See you in Orlando!



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