Friday, January 27, 2017

Updates, Field Day, and Public Comment request

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CHMA, Public Comment Request on Pyrethroid Use, Upcoming Field Day, and Active Mealybug Infestation Needed for Photos


CHMA Reminder
Central Florida CHMA Coordinated Application - pyrethroid or insecticide on January 30 to February 6, 2017.

Public Comment on Pyrethroid Insecticides Requested

ALL pyrethroid insecticides (bifenthrin, Warrior/Karate, Mustang Max, Baythroid, Asana, Permethrin, etc.) are currently undergoing registration review at EPA. Nine are specifically being evaluated, but serve as surrogates for all 19 active ingredients.

The preliminary evaluation shows that all pyrethroids exceed "Levels of Concern" for exposure to aquatic invertebrates. THIS IS MAJOR. If LOCs are exceeded, the exposure must be mitigated. This can be done in a variety of ways, but generally means loss of uses, reduced rates, reduced number of applications, or other use restrictions.

The current deadline is January 31. An extension has been requested but has not been granted as yet. Please comment now if possible.  EPA particularly needs to know why and specifically how you use pyrethroid insecticides.
Your comments should include:
Who you are and why you are commenting (grower, consultant, etc.; acres grown and other pertinent information as to your qualifications).
Why pyrethroids are important to you (why you use them over other products; why alternatives are not adequate or preferred; etc.)
YOUR USE PATTERNS (be very specific if at all possible):
For EACH crop (and possibly season) indicate which pyrethroid(s) you use, the pest(s) targeted, the use rate, number of applications, re-treatment interval, and pre-harvest interval (particularly if a short PHI is necessary).

The general importance of pyrethroids is important (about the only broad spectrum products we have left), but the specific use information is needed to adjust the exposure estimates.
Submitting comments:
This is more difficult than it should be.
Note:  While comments can be made under docket numbers for any of the pyrethroids, EPA has agreed that comments for all pyrethroids are to be submitted in the lamda-cyhalothrin docket.
Go to ( webpage); the summary does not mention pyrethoids, but this is the place (pyrethroids are in the table at the bottom of this document); click the "Comment Now!" button on the upper right of page and follow the instruction.

An alternative  user friendly option is the Pyrethroid Working Group site:
Go to  and follow their instructions. This site includes a template and suggestions for the information submitted.
It is a very good idea to compose and review your comments in a WORD document (or other program) before submitting them to EPA. Please provide constructive criticism and useful information that will allow EPA to conduct a more accurate (and hopefully friendly) evaluation of the pyrethroids.

Field Day: CRDF Soil Microbial Amendment and Rootstocks 
DUDA, LaBelle Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 9:30 AM

This Soil Amendment experiment, which is replicated in two other sites in Florida, was established in 2014 on 11 year-old Valencia/Swingle trees (maintained by Duda Inc.) to evaluate the ability of 5 soil microbe amendment products to promote tree health in the presence of HLB. The 5 soil amendments:

  • Serenade Soil (Bayer CropScience)
  • Aliette (Bayer CropScience)
  • Quantum product line (AE Microbiology)
  • BioFlourish (Triangle Chemical)
  • Ecofriendly Products Citrus Soil Amendment

have been applied at recommended rates in replicated plots (by KAC Ag Research) over the past three seasons and data have been collected on tree growth, bacterial titer, and fruit productivity. Horticultural performance will be discussed and maps provided.

The CRDF Rootstock site is a large replicated, 2 year old trial of Valencia on 6 candidate HLB-tolerant rootstocks compared to standard trees on Swingle. Horticultural performance will be discussed and maps provided.

A CRDF sponsored lunch will follow. Please RSVP by Friday 17 March to Mongi Zekri , UF/IFAS Multi-County Extension Agent,e-mail: Phone:  (863) 674 4092for a head count. Field Day Site
Old Duda Nursery Site (Gate #2) Hwy 29, 8 mi south of Labelle, FL.

Mealybug Infestation? We need to get photos!

Do you have an untreated active mealybug infestation? Dr. Lance Osborne at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center needs photos of people scouting citrus and other crops. Please contact him at



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