Friday, January 6, 2017

Weather Update

Weather data is still is still indicating a significant cold air mass affecting Hastings and inland north central Florida this weekend.  Chances of rain should increase tonight and remain high through the day Saturday.  Heavy winds behind the rainfall will usher in the cold air mass increasing the probability of most inland portions of the region dropping to freezing or below by daybreak Sunday.


Saturday night/Sunday morning the lows in the Hastings area look to be in the 30-32 F range for about 4-5 hours as we approach sunrise; mid to upper 20s west of the St. Johns River.  Winds should remain brisk (above 10 MPH) throughout the night.  Winds now look like they begin switching to NNE & eventually NE late Sunday, thus resulting in lows Sunday night/Monday morning a few degrees higher than Saturday night (with continued brisk winds).



I will continue to monitor and update as necessary.


Thank you,     


Gary K. England

Regional Specialized Extension Agent/Director

Hastings Agricultural Extension Center

595 E. St. Johns Ave.

P.O. Box 728

Hastings, FL 32145-0728

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