Wednesday, November 23, 2011

IFAS in the news, 11/23/11

Good morning! Here's the week's last IFAS news roundup. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Florida Citrus show brings experts, growers together to find solutions

More than 300 families are given holiday meals (West Florida REC)

Mini-gardens can safely fit veggies in many places (Hillsborough)

Keep it clean, safe for Thanksgiving (Leon)

Social media model used to predict animal movements

The Paper Trail: Even in down year, UF football boosts local businesses

Palm Beach County proposes fertilizer rules aimed at reducing water pollution,0,319667.story

Other interesting stuff:

Countdown to a Food Coma

The Internet's culture of nonviolent retaliation

Report: Urban Meyer to take coaching job at Ohio State,0,7484645.story

Animal right advocate likens livestock to slaves

Hazing Probed in Florida A&M Drum Major's Death

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