Thursday, October 11, 2012

Farm Manager Opportunity - Geraldson Community Farm


[Farm Manager Needed]


Dear Robert,

Geraldson Community Farm in Northwest Bradenton has an immediate Sunrise over Geraldsonopening for a Farm Manager.  The prospective employee needs to be an innovative individual with a passion for local food, sustainable agriculture and community development as well as practical farming and production methods. Community interaction will be a key aspect for this position as the Farm Manager will be one of the human faces for Geraldson Community Farm.    


A new 2BR/1B residence is available for rent at a very reasonable rate above the new barn facility. Interested persons should reply ASAP with resume and cover letter to Karen Fraley at  Our Farm Manager is leaving Oct. 8, 2012



Please share with interested individuals using the link below.


Geraldson Community Farm is located at

1401 99th St. NW, Bradenton, FL 34209



Geraldson Community Farm and Gamble Creek Farm in Parrish are operated by the Florida West Coast RC&D, a Florida non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing local agriculture.



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