Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vapam K-pam online training

Mike Herrington of AMVAC advises that as of Friday, October 12, 2012, the new on-line training version for the second phase of label changes for Vapam and K-Pam went live. 


Growers and anyone else using these products can be trained by going to this website:  http://www.epa.gov/opp00001/reregistration/soil_fumigants/soil-fum-handlers.html


Everyone will have to have a private or commercial applicators license to take the test.  Once you have passed the test and completed all the modules your name and license will be recorded and you will not need to take the test for another 3 years. 


Remember, the deadline for using product without passing this test is December  1, 2012.


We are still working on the in-person training with EPA and that could be completed hopefully before the deadline but no promise.  Also, the Spanish version is in the process but not yet completed.


As things develop we keep you informed.  The registrants of various fumigants in collaboration with the University of Florida are still planning on doing in-person training once it has been released by EPA so stay tuned.


For more info on K'Pam, Vapam on-line training, contact:


Mike Herrington


2801 Country Club Rd. N.

Winter Haven, FL.  33881


Off (863) 291-4637

Cell (863) 412-2067



Crystal Snodgrass, M.S.
Extension Agent, Vegetables
Manatee County Government
University of Florida IFAS Extension
941-722-4524, Ext. 230
Fax: 941-721-6796


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