Friday, November 16, 2012

IFAS in the News

Good morning. Here is IFAS in the News for Friday, Nov. 16.


UF Scientists Nearing Crazy Ant Cure

UF Researchers Offer Advice on Crazy Ants

Strategies to Control Crazy Ants Taking Shape for Researchers

UF Coming Up With Ways to Control Crazy Ant Populations

Deadly Mushrooms Could Be Growing in Your Backyard

Lifetime of Work in Agriculture Recognized

Farm Tour Highlights Equine Industry

The Garden Scribe: Select Hedges Emerge to Replace Whitefly-Infested Ficus

Garden Q&A: Christmas Cactus Might Need Some Fertilizer or a Break From Direct Sunlight

"Little Gem" Magnolia a Mini Beauty

Of Interest...

Gaza Cease-Fire Collapses, Egypt PM Backs Palestinians as Israel Drafts 16,000 Reservists

Caffeinated Drink Cited in Reports of 13 Deaths

Hostess, Maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs, Says Closing Business

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