Thursday, November 1, 2012

New fact sheet on crested floating heart (Nymphoides cristata)

Attached is a newly revised fact sheet on crested floating heart (Nymphoides cristata) by Randy Westbrooks and Larry McCord.  As reported by Leif Willey at the recent FAPMS Annual Conference, several thousand acres of the weed infest the Santee Cooper Lake System in South Carolina. There is serious concern about this plant because herbicides that control other floating and emergent invasive plants have had little effect on it. However, it is still being sold in the water garden trade.  On that note, a news release reported on the APMS blog states that “The Great Lakes Commission (GLC) has received a $400,000 grant through the U.S. EPA-led Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to develop and demonstrate web-crawling software to assess the availability of aquatic invasive species for purchase – and identify sellers of those species – on the Internet.”  Read the full news release at:

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