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Notice to Hispanic or Women Farmers and Ranchers: Compensation for Claims of Discrimination




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September 12, 2011



RE: Notice to Hispanic or Women Farmers and Ranchers:  Compensation for Claims of Discrimination


As you doubt know, there have been several discrimination lawsuits filed against USDA and addressing these suits has been a high priority for both the President and Secretary Vilsack.  Recently, our Department made substantial progress in providing relief to African American and Native American farmers who may have claims of past discrimination.


Now the Administration is moving forward to resolve two additional cases and has established a non-judicial claims process to provide relief to Hispanic and women farmers. 


To help with our outreach efforts regarding this claims process we are seeking your help. Please consider sharing the below information with your membership. If your organization has a newsletter or Website, we ask that you please publish and/or post.

Women and Hispanic Farmer/Rancher Discrimination Claims Process
The United States government is establishing a claims process to make available $1.3 billion or more to farmers who alleged discrimination by the U.S.  Department of Agriculture (USDA) based on being female or based on being Hispanic, in making or servicing farm loans during certain periods between 1981 and 2000. If you qualify and submit a timely claim, you could receive an award of up to $50,000 in cash. USDA will also provide a total of up to $160 million in debt relief to successful claimants who currently owe USDA money for eligible farm loans. Successful claimants may also receive an additional amount, equal to 25 percent of the combined cash award plus debt relief, to help pay federal taxes that may be owed.  You can request a Claim Package, which will include forms and instructions for filing a claim, by requesting a package online at or by calling 1-888-508-4429.


We would appreciate the distribution of this notice to individuals or groups might benefit from this notice.  If they believe that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) improperly denied farm loan benefits to the individual or group between 1981 and 2000 because you are Hispanic, or because you are female, they may be eligible to apply for compensation.  We have enclosed an English and Hispanic version of the Summary Notice and Fact Sheet.


While I can’t answer questions regarding specific claims, please call 352-338-3402 if you have questions regarding outreach efforts.  Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your assistance




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