Wednesday, January 4, 2012

America's Farmers Mobile Experience by Monsanto

Monsanto recently introduced the America’s Farmers Mobile Experience, a traveling display designed to educate consumers on modern agriculture and the challenges farmers face to meet the growing demands.  The new Mobile Experience is a traveling 53-foot trailer that expands into 1,000-square-feet of interactive exhibit space and is touring the country, giving people across the nation the opportunity to learn more about the vital role America’s farmers play in today’s world.  On January 23-24, the Mobile Experience will be here in Gainesville, Florida and I invite you to join me in touring this unique experience yourself!


The America’s Farmers Mobile Experience will be parked at the University of Florida near J. Wayne Reitz Union January 23-24 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.  During the 24-minute tour, you will hear about the challenges America’s farmers face, watch a video that spotlights an American farm family, and learn about the tools and technology farmers use every day that help them meet increasing global demands.


I encourage you to come take a peek into the lives of the American farmer.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I hope to see you there!


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  1. Charlotte Emerson, as the Director, Student Development and Recruitment, have you done YOUR due diligence on this issue?
    Are you ensuring that the students of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences are getting a balanced presentation in terms of GMOs? Are you requiring students to watch the following mentioned documentaries?
    For all those who think Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are safe foods, watch this short clip about a 2 year French Study on GMOs (vice the 90 day study conducted by Monsanto) and watch the full length movie "the World According to Monsanto"

    If you want to learn more about GMOs, watch the following documentaries: While these documentaries are available on Bright house cable documentary section, I’d suggest you watch them sooner than later – you never know when they will be pulled from viewing. If you find that these documentaries have been pulled, contact Brighthouse and complain.
    o FED UP,
    o GMO OMG,

    If you notice that these documentaries are being removed, that should scream volumes to you because Monsanto is trying to shut down the conversation. If in Haiti, when devastated by storms and in desperate need of food rejected, refused and BURNED Monsanto’s seeds, they call them Seeds of Death, what does tell you. You can also purchase these documentaries online.

    What you and your family can do immediately is eat only Organically grown foods and demand them from your grocer.

    By refusing to purchase GMO and processed foods, you will drive GMOs from our grocery stores. All the Countries around the world who were able to get their foods labeled, ALL chose Organic foods over GMOs and drove GMOs from their market place.

    What does that tell you – we need to make sure we here in the USA be at least be provided with clear labeling of our foods so WE can choose what we consume or don’t consume. This still is the USA – freedom of Choice should drive the market place, not a single company like Monsanto who wants to patent all seeds of life and thus control all food.

    What say you Charlotte?


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