Friday, October 21, 2016

Florida Invasive Plant Technician wanted - Palatka, FL

I have another Invasive Plant Technician vacancy, this one is for the Palatka location.


 This is skilled work applying a variety of herbicides to control invasive aquatic and terrestrial vegetation.


Job duties include:

·        Measures, mixes, and safely applies herbicide spray mixtures pursuant to label directions to selectively control infestations of aquatic and terrestrial vegetation; assists with the calibration of herbicide application equipment; posts warning signs in treated areas to inform the public of any water use or re-entry restrictions; operates computerized herbicide delivery system, airboats with injection systems and batch system, ATVs and pickups with batch systems and back-pack sprayers; makes some on-site decisions on methods of application for control of target vegetation, weather conditions, and other environmental issues.

·        Conducts inspection of District Conservation Areas and public waterbodies in order to locate infestations of invasive plants and post-treatment inspections for effectiveness of control methods.

·        Records amounts and types of herbicides and related chemicals used, areas treated, environmental conditions on required state, federal, and District forms. Forms include associated paperwork and entry of data in District's Access Database for Invasive Plants.. Maintains weekly log of incoming and outgoing herbicides.

·        Assists in the management of District lands by participating in prescribed burning or suppressing wildfires. Operates fire equipment; including, engines, dozers, airboats, ATV's and marsh masters during prescribed burns and while suppressing wildfires; marking boundaries; participating in silvicultural activities.

·        Loads and operates boats, trucks, ATVs and trailers with safety gear, herbicides, and other necessary equipment; unloads and cleans vehicles and equipment at the end of the day.

·        Attends application training and safety classes to learn necessary information to receive certification; attends training and safety classes to maintain necessary certification and remain current on advances in the field technology and changes in state and federal rules and regulations.

·        Operates airboats, kickerboats, towboats, chain saws, small hand tools, and portable winch in the mechanical removal of vegetation jams, tussocks, and fallen trees which block navigation, access, and water control structures; enters water to remove snags, debris, or other obstacles when necessary.

·         Modifies and makes field repairs to boats, ATVs, trailers, and application equipment.

·        Maintains some public contact to address concerns, explain water use restrictions, and disseminate information about the program.

·        Assists Supervisor in overseeing work of contractor. Communicates instructions regarding working areas, target species, and herbicide mix rates. Conducts pre, and post treatment herbicide inventories. Records hourly weather conditions and makes onsite treatment decisions based on weather data.


Job Requirements

A high school diploma or G.E.D., two years of natural resource management experience; or formal education in a related field such as natural resource management, agriculture, or weed science may substitute for work experience.  Must have a valid Florida Driver's License and a valid State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Restricted Use Pesticide License.  Shall have or obtain Aquatics and Natural Areas category certificates within six months of employment. 


SJRWMD has determined this to be a mandatory-testing position as described in Section 440.102, Florida Statutes. Any offer of employment for a mandatory-testing position will be contingent upon successfully passing a drug screening paid by SJRWMD. The SJRWMD Drug Free Workplace Policy is available for review in the Careers section at - Select Available positions, Location: Palatka, FL, and hit Search.


Thanks -


Missy McDermont

Human Resources Analyst

Office of Human Resources

St. Johns River Water Management District
P.O. Box 1429  ●  Palatka, FL 32178-1429
Office: (386) 329-4282  ●  Cell: (386) 227-0170


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We value your opinion. Please take a few minutes to share your comments on the service you received from the District by clicking this link

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