Wednesday, October 5, 2016


(Florida) STATE AGRICUTURAL RESPONSE TEAM   advises that you keep aware of changing events that could cause damage to your Bee Yard and Hives.


It is unfortunate that Matthew has taken a turn toward Florida and we are now in the path. 

Please prepare for some heavy winds.  I know everyone will want to secure their hives if possible.  Below are some suggestions for prepping them.

1. Place weights on top of the hives (brick or block). Home Depot or Lowes

2. Strap hive bodies or staple together. Ratchet Straps from Harbor Freight, Walmart, or  Home Depot / Lowes

3. Strap the hives down to concrete blocks.

4. Use ground augers (if necessary) to provide tie down points for  hives and pallets. Home Depot, Lowes, or Tractor Supply 

I have had some people ask if they should bring their hives indoors.  I do not recommend bringing them in but suggest you check them when it is clear and put things back together. If you receive a major hit or if there is a danger from your bees as a result from damages, please contact me at FSBA to see if a response from SART may be necessary. Remember we are all in this together. Best of luck to everyone and their hives.


Wayne Eheart

FSBA Board of Mgrs.
(FL) State Agricultural Response Team 


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