Thursday, March 17, 2011

IFAS in the News

Good morning, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Here is IFAS in the News for Thursday, March 17.




State Expert Could Be Defense’s Star Witness in Casey Case


Florida Researcher Working to Protect Banana Supply


Mozambique: U.S., Brazil Join to Boost Mozambique’s Farm Sector


Pioneers Knew Best Uses of Herbs


New Florida-Friendly Landscaping Class Available for Florida Community Associations and Property Managers


Virginia Tech Shares in Forestry Grant


Of Interest…


Japan Nuclear Crisis: U.S. Announces Evacuation Options


Florida Gators Coach Billy Donovan Hopes His Mentality Brings NCAA Tournament Success,0,7314715.story


Scientist: We’ve Found Atlantis (Maybe)


March 19 “Supermoon” May Cause Moonquakes, Scientist Says


Young Entrepreneurs Find Money in Manure





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