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Everglades Friday Seminar May 6, Potential for Development of Essential Oil Crops in Florida

Please join us Friday, May 6, for the  final seminar of our 2010-2011 Friday Seminar series.






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May 6, 2011


10:45 a.m.

EREC Conference Center



“Potential for Development of Essential Oil Crops in Florida”


Presented by:  Dr. Elise Pearlstine

Research Scientist; UF/IFAS, Dept. of Ecology and Wildlife, Everglades REC



Dr. Elise Pearlstine is a wildlife ecologist studying habitat relationships of native and exotic wildlife species in agricultural and natural habitats of south Florida.  She has worked with birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles as well as fish and invertebrates in agricultural crops such as sugarcane, rice and corn, as well as natural and restored wetland habitats.  Her interests also include vertebrate integrated pest management techniques and invasive bird species ecology.  She has recently been funded to study potential for essential oil production in Florida and has traveled in Europe and the United States to visit with distillers of a variety of essential oils.



Seminars are free and the public is welcome to attend










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