Friday, April 15, 2011

FW: Entomology Bug Fest Photos

Greetings IFAS Friends,

Last week the Entomology department held their first annual Bug Fest, an open house of sorts where the public could come out, hold bugs, play an assortment of games (cricket spitting being the most popular), tour the facilities, and undergraduates could check out what the major had to offer. Lots of families brought their kids out and everybody had a lot of fun. Photos from that event are now available to view and download via the links below. The first is to a gallery featuring all of the images and the second link is to a temporary page hosting the hi res files for download. Also important to note, those are not thumb tacks pushed into the roaches, they are just the tops of tacks that have been temporarily affixed to their backs so that they could pull the toy tractors in the roach races. In other words, no bugs were harmed during Bug Fest. Thanks, and enjoy.


Hi Res Downloads:

-Tyler Jones
UF/IFAS Photography Dept.

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