Thursday, April 28, 2011

Job Opening: Lab Quality Assurance Position

Subject: Lab QA position


Position available: Lab Quality Assurance Officer, 20 hours per week, one year


Description: Monitor and record lab analytical procedures and field sampling procedures for quality assurance and control for new water quality projects; help train graduate students and lab assistants in lab and field procedures as outlined in the project plan-of-work; maintain records of lab and sampling procedures.


Qualifications desired: Some experience/knowledge in lab chemical analysis procedures, especially for soil and plant samples. Person will be trained in the job duties.


Location: Soil and Water Science Department, Newell Hall


Campus Application process: Send email and short resume with relative information (or questions) to George Hochmuth at



"It is the water, folks, it is the water..........

If we teach them how to manage irrigation,

then they will be able to manage fertilizer."

George J. Hochmuth

Professor of Soil & Water Science | Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition |


106 Newell Hall, PO Box 110510

Gainesville, FL 32611-0510

Office: 352-392-1803 X318

Cell: 352-283-9133



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