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Attend the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference: September 10 - 11!

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2012 Florida Financial Management Conference

v  Positioning Your Business for the Global Agriculture Economy
• Key financial ratios, benchmarks, and guidelines used in operating your business
• How to allocate profits, build liquidity and wealth in your financial statement.
• What financial factors influence cash flow?
• Why sales growth causes cash flow problems.
• Understanding Lenders and What They Want of Their Borrowers

v  Estate and Succession Planning

v  Tax Tips and Traps

v  Agriculture Economic Outlook

v  Marketing Florida Agriculture Products in a Global Market

Market dynamics continue to change, capital requirements are increasing for operations at a rapid rate and positive business margins are difficult to maintain. The unknowns of the marketplace are greater due to the sensitivity of the current global economic situation as well as global trade issues. The participation of outside capital continues to be a variable in markets that create the risk of more volatility. All of this points to the fact that financial risk management is more important than any other time in history. We invite you to attend the 2012 Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference being held in Kissimmee, FL September 9-11, 2012.

This opportunity will offer those involved with the day-to-day business management, the decision making ability to increase their knowledge of what the “Fundamentals” of the global agriculture market suggest, understand key “technical” financial measurements of your business, and use these to proactively position your business to circumvent road blocks or obstacles, and also capitalize on opportunities.

The next decade in agriculture will present your business with more opportunities than the past thirty years. Plan to attend this seminar so you can be ready!

For more details on the conference, visit the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference's website, email Linda Reindl or call 800.375.3642.

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When industry members are financially strong, they will become the driving force in returning Florida's economy to brighter days. We're looking forward to a fantastic conference!

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This program is targeted to all specialty crop block agricultural commodities. For more information on specialty crop categories, visit The USDA website for the full list of plants commonly considered. Program does not exclude other agricultural commodities but a discounted rate will be offered for those companies that fall under specialty crop categories.

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in cooperation with many of Florida's agriculture associations and entities.



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