Wednesday, August 1, 2012

IFAS in the news, 7/31

Good morning! Today's IFAS news roundup:

Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. and Green Sky Growers Toured During University of Florida's Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference (press release)

Oxbow explores bugs in your garden (St. Lucie)

Eli Lopez's Backyard Is Full of Butterfly-Attracting Plants (Polk)

Panhandle camp moves to Marion following storm

In other news:

1862 law paved way for land-grant schools

Now retired, UF economics professor Denslow to focus closer to home

Modern culture emerged in Africa 20,000 years earlier than thought,0,4412702.story?track=rss

600 million without power in India after 3 power grids fail

For More Pianos, Last Note Is Thud in the Dump

UF student accidentally shot while sleeping

Cedar Key ban on drinking tap water soon to end

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