Monday, August 6, 2012

Brown's Plant File: Mucho Classes; Mites; Red Cedar; Sea Oats; Tropical Fruits/c

Good Morning All:


Here 4 Upcoming Classes packed with information and CEUs. Click on the links for more information.

·         8/21 Green Industries BMP Certification. CEUs available.


·         8/28. Managing Non-Native Invasive Species in Natural & Aquatic Areas. CEUs available.


·         9/7. En ESPAÑOL, Limited Commercial Landscape Maint. Class. CEUs available.


·         9/19: En ESPAÑOL, Green Industry BMP Certification Class. CEUs available.



Here are 4 new fact sheets on pests, beneficials and Trees.

·         Mites on 3 Landscape Plants

·         Braconid Wasps

·         Southern Red Cedar

·         Kapok Tree/Ceiba pentandra


2 New Power Points:

This Sanibel Island Study is on planting depths and sea oats establishment.


·         Tropical Fruits (Jamaica and warm locations)


Here’s a previously presented YouTube on Palmetto Weevils in Canary Island Date Palms.


Let me know what classes you need. What problems are you noticing?

Thanks for viewing these Files.







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