Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shadehouse Hydroponic Vegetable Program at Live Oak, Sept 13th

Attached you will find the registration brochure for an upcoming Advanced Hydroponics program at the Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center near Live Oak on September 13th. This program, including dinner and refreshments, will feature work with our open shade structures being used to extend the vegetable season, in particular through the hottest part of the year. The feature crop will be bell pepper and will include a trial evaluating 17 bell pepper varieties for their adaptability to the shade culture system being used. That system includes three gallon containers filled with composted pine bark, drip tape as the irrigation delivery system, and standard hydroponic nutrient solution. Just as a preview, by the time this program will roll around (September 13), several pepper varieties will have plants over 7-8 ft tall. In addition to peppers, we are growing tomato and herbs under shade. So, you will truly see “Veggies Made in the Shade”.

To attend, register by completing the form below and mail back to us with your registration and payment. Hope to see you there.



Bob Hochmuth

Multi County Extension Agent

Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center

7580 County Road 136

Live Oak FL 32060

386-362-1725 x103

386-362-3067 fax



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