Thursday, March 13, 2014

Extension Celebration County Quiz 3.12.2014

Good Day All!


Here are the fun facts for our Extension Celebration County Quiz.


Today’s trivia:


      Home to the largest (truck to truck) Wal-Mart Distribution Center in the U.S.

(Approximately 1,600,000 square feet)


      Do you buy plants from the Master Gardner Nursery at the County Extension office? It's open every Wednesday!


      Have you been to Pine Island Park/Beach?


      The City of Live Mermaids is in this county


Let’s Be Proactive!


Please feel free to share our Extension fun with others!




Debora J. Bell,  Executive Secretary to Dr. Joan A. Dusky, Associate Dean for Extension, Agricultural Programs

University of Florida IFAS Extension

1038 McCarty Hall D, PO Box 110210 Gainesville, FL 32611-0210

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