Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hiring Project Specialist for Farmers Market Food Safety Grant

Hi all,


Here at the University of Arkansas Department of Food Science we are beginning the process of searching for and hiring a Project Specialist to manage a national food safety project focused on enhancing the safety of fresh produce handling at farmers markets.  This project is for 3 years, and thus this position will be for 3 years as well.


Briefly, the person hired for this position will work with the CLRFS eCoP 50% of the time and the remaining 50% will be managing the other aspects of the grant.  With respect to the eCoP, the person will be required to assist the eCoP leadership with communications, planning, social networking, and logistics support.


Here is the link for detailed information about the Project Specialist position, required qualifications, and how to apply: 




Please feel free to share with those who you think may be interested, and please note, that moving to Fayetteville, AR would be required.





Kristen E. Gibson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Molecular Food Safety Microbiologist
University of Arkansas
Department of Food Science
Center for Food Safety
Office: FDSC Building, Rm N220
Phone: (479) 575-6844
Email: keg005@uark.edu


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