Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monthly CISMA Online Web-ex Meeting/Call -Wednesday, April 23 at 1:30pm EST- air potato beetles, Heartland CISMA and more!

Monthly Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) Online Meetings

hosted by Florida Invasive Species Partnership (FISP)

Participation is voluntary, we promise it will only last 1 hour, and we can guarantee that you will enjoy the conversations

 Wednesday, April 23rd at 1:30pm EST –

  • News you can use: Update from Eric Rohrig on the air potato biocontrol effort – just how are those beetles doing?
  • CISMA Updates: Treasure Coast CISMA and Heartland CISMA
  • Discussion on disseminating CISMA accomplishments (e.g. annual reports, workday results, etc.)

Hope to see many of you at the Annual CISMA Workshop which will be held on Tuesday, April 29 from 1:30pm to 5pm, during the joint symposium of the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council and the Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society in Safety Harbor, Florida (http://www.fltws.org/2014springconference/). We have settled on 2 sessions for this workshop time:

Ø  CISMA Early Detection/Rapid Response (EDRR) Plant Lists – once we have them, what do we do with them? Facilitated group session.

Ø  Lakeville – time to play! UF Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants has a whole program to work with teachers, including curriculum that meets state standards. Come play Lakeville with us and see which CISMA will win and demonstrate their superior knowledge of Florida’s invaders.

Big thanks last month's participants that made the call a success.  We had 20 participants from 11 different CISMAs along with a few FISP members. Updates were heard from Six Rivers CISMA, Apalachicola Regional Stewardship Alliance (ARSA) CISMA and North Central Florida CISMA as well as a general discussion on CISMA events held during National Invasive Species Awareness Week.

CISMA Monthly Calls: If you would like to see the updates from any of our past calls, please go to http://www.floridainvasives.org/cismacalls.html 

CISMA Listserv: Please direct anyone who wants to learn more about CISMAs to the FISP website (www.floridainvasives.org/cismas.html) so they can sign up to get information via this listserv.  


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Meeting information 
Topic: Florida CISMA Monthly Call 
Date: The 4th Wednesday of every 1 months, from Wednesday, August 22, 2012 to no end date 
Time: 1:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) 
Meeting Number: 824 138 461 
Meeting Password: Invasive2! 

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